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Planning a Visit

Pre-Trip Information

Did you notify your POC?

You must coordinate with your DSRC Point of Contact (POC) before planning your trip. Please do not arrive at the AFRL DSRC without notification.

Do you hold a security clearance or NAC (National Agency Check)?

If so, have your security office forward a Visit Request (VR) on your behalf to the address below:

Attn: AFRL Security Officer
2435 Fifth Street
WPAFB, OH 45433

Phone: 937-255-1419

Fax: 937-904-5505

Visitor Request Form fill-in-the-block Tips for JPAS

"To" - Name of Sponsor and Telephone Number
"Length of Visit" - If you anticipate multiple visits within a year, make your length of visit a year.
"Purpose" - In comments, clearly indicate building areas (e.g. Classroom) and/or network access (i.e. what type of computer access), along with your specific visit purpose.

Additional Notes

  • Whenever possible, allow at least 5 working days for your visit to be authorized.
  • Your issued badge must be visible at all times while in restricted areas. Turn in your badge upon completion of your visit.

Are you a Foreign National (non-U.S. citizen)?

If so, have your AFRL DSRC sponsor contact the above security officer at least 30 days prior to your visit.

Obtaining Your Visitor Pass for Entry onto WPAFB

In order to receive your Visitor Pass via email, contact the Security Manager at 937-255-1419 at least 3 business days in advance of your visit. Supply the following information:

  • AFRL DSRC Point of Contact
  • A valid State Driver's License/ID
  • A valid Email Address
  • Dates of Visit
  • Reason for Visit

Once the Security Manager receives this information, and inputs into the Visitor Database, you should receive an email the day before your scheduled arrival date. This will be your Visitor Pass. You MUST print this Visitor Pass out and have it with you before arriving at the gate.

If you are unable to print your Visitor Pass or have not gone through the steps above, you will need to visit Pass and Registration, Area A, Bldg 286 to receive one.

NOTE: If you already possess a government-issued Common Access Card (CAC) or a military ID, a Visitor Pass will not be necessary.

Pass & Registration Location

The 88th Security Forces Squadron Pass & Registration section issues ID cards and passes for authorized contractors. They are located in Bldg 286, Area A at 4185 Logistics Avenue.

From the South:

  • Take Interstate 675 North to exit 17
  • Turn right just prior to entering Gate 15A

From the North:

  • Take Interstate 675 South to exit 17
  • Turn right onto North Fairfield
  • Turn right onto Colonel Glenn
  • Turn right for the entrance ramp for Route 844
  • Turn right just prior to entering Gate 15A

Pass & Registration is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday; closed weekends and Holidays. Direct any questions to (937) 257-6506.

On Arrival

Directions To AFRL DSRC

The AFRL DSRC is located in Bldg 676 in Area B of WPAFB. Enter the Base through Gate 19B on National Rd or through Gate 22B on Colonel Glenn Highway / I-675 or through Gate 1B on Springfield St.

Click to View Larger Map to the AFRL DSRC

From Gate 19B on National Road:

  • Turn RIGHT at the first light
  • Turn LEFT at the first stop sign
  • Bldg 676 will be immediately on your RIGHT

From Gate 22B on Colonel Glenn Highway / I-675:

  • Merge RIGHT onto Hobson Way
  • Proceed THROUGH the first stop light
  • Turn LEFT at the next stop sign
  • Bldg 676 will be immediately on your RIGHT

From Gate 1B on Springfield Street:

  • Turn LEFT at the light and stay in the LEFT LANE
  • At the second light bear RIGHT onto 5th Street
  • Turn LEFT onto K Street at the top of the hill
  • Turn RIGHT at first stop sign onto Monohan Way
  • Turn RIGHT at first stop sign onto Skyline Drive
  • Take the first LEFT back onto 5th Street
  • Bldg 676 will be on your LEFT

Building Access

Stop at the front desk in the lobby of Bldg 676. There you will be issued either an "Escort Required" badge or a "No Escort Required" badge.

"Escort Required" Badge - As a visitor you must provide the name of the person you are visiting (your sponsor) and the phone number where your sponsor can be reached. The front desk will contact your sponsor who will escort you throughout your visit to Bldg. 676.

"No Escort Required" Badge - These are given to US Citizens with a previously submitted Visit Request (VR).