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Cobalt, widely used in a variety of both internal and external flow simulations, is a finite volume unstructured-grid Euler/Navier-Stokes solver. The fundamental algorithm of Cobalt is the finite-volume, cell-centered, first-order accurate in space and time, exact Riemann solver of Godunov. Cobalt may be run as two-dimensional, axi-symmetric and three-dimensional for arbitrary cell types.

Cobalt has the ability to restart calculations from information saved to files.


 /app/csiapps/cobalt/CoMPIRUN <arguments>
 #----- executable options -----
 #  1: machine type      ! Options: compaq,hp,ibm,ibm3,linux,
 #                       !          sgir5k,sgir10k,sgir12k,t3e
 #  2: precision switch  ! Options: double, single
 #  3: Cobalt input file name (aka stdin)
 #  4: bc file name
 #  5: grid file name
 #  6: motion file name
 #  7: user-specified profile file name
 #  8: input restart file name
 #  9: tap location file name
 # 10: Cobalt output file name (aka stdout)
 # 11: 1-D heat equation restart file name
 # 12: movie tap file name
 # 13: new restart file name
 # 14: directory for convergence files
 # 15: directory for flow viz files
 # 16: overwrite flag    ! Options: noverwrite, overwrite




For information on supported platforms, versions and licenses, please check the AFRL DSRC Software Page:

To enable resource checking for Cobalt Solutions Cobalt, add the following PBS directive to job scripts:

#PBS -l cobalt=<NUM>

where <NUM> is the number of processors.


Cobalt Info Page