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Pioneer is a data manipulation, visualization, and analysis tool that allows you to interact directly with threat signature data and retrieve signature representations in a variety of formats as required by diverse end-applications. Within the Pioneer environment, you have the capability to extract, transform, visualize, analyze, and export the data in a variety of formats to suit the intended application. Pioneer is currently optimized to manage and interact with threat trajectory, aerothermal, and UV/IR signature data.

The graphical user interface (GUI) includes a flow diagram approach to organizing source data, converters, filters, plots, animations, and text files. The flow diagram approach enhances your understanding of the data hierarchy and relationships between source data and multiple data representations. You have the ability to set numerous properties at each block within a diagram to customize the data processing and visualization. Once a diagram is created it can be saved as a template. Pioneer templates can be used with multiple source data files, allowing for rapid generation of threat trajectory and multi-spectral signature data products. Configuration management is inherent in the Pioneer environment, as all relationships between the products and upstream processing blocks and sources data are maintained.


Access to the Pioneer executable is restricted. Contact the HPC Help Desk about access to Pioneer.


For information on supported platforms, versions and licenses, please check the AFRL DSRC Software Page:


Pioneer is a restricted code. As such, the vendor has elected not publish a public page for it. If you have questions concerning Pioneer, please contact the HPC Help Desk.