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All Systems - Facility Maintenance

The AFRL DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC) will undergo a Facility Maintenance. The maintenance period will be from0700 hours EDT Saturday, 12 October 2013 through 1930 hours EDT Monday, 14 October 2013. Spirit will be unavailable during the entire maintenance period. It will be undergoing system maintenance. NOTE: All files are subject to deletion during this maintenance period. Please be sure to back up your files.

Please be advised of the following IMPORTANT USER NOTES in effect during this PM:

THE KERBEROS KEY DISTRIBUTION CENTER (KDC) server: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
UTILITY SERVER: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SPIRIT: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ADVANCE RESERVATION SERVICE (ARS): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
UAS SERVERS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CCAC: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LIVETIME: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

To help avoid premature file deletion on Spirit after it has returned to production, we will grant extra lifetime to the files, 4 days.

If you have any questions, please call the Consolidated Customer

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