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ANSYS/Multiphysics provides engineers with the ability to couple the effects of different types of physical phenomena and to study their impact on a design, creating more realistic simulations. ANSYS/Multiphysics combines all of the capabilities of ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/CFX, and ANSYS/Emag, ANSYS/Multiphysics delivers the broadest range of engineering disciplines available in one software package.

ANSYS/Mechanical offers a full range of mechanical engineering design analysis and optimization capabilities including complete structural, thermal, dynamic, buckling, substructuring, submodeling, heat transfer, and coupled-field solutions. The coupled-field capabilities include thermal-structural type analyses.

ANSYS/CFX offers flexible computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software with the capability of solving a variety of fluid flow problems, including laminar, turbulent, compressible, and incompressible flow. Coupled with ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/CFX, the only CFD code with design optimization capabilities, provides sophisticated multiphysics capabilities.

ANSYS/EMAG, a self-contained electromagnetic analysis package, simulates electromagnetic fields, electrostatics, circuits, and low and high frequency current conduction. This program, when used with other ANSYS products, generates multiphysics capabilities enabling the study of the interaction of flow, electromagnetic fields, and structural mechanics.






Help:You can find more information on how to use Ansys by starting Ansys interactively and clicking on the graphical question mark on the launcher that displays.


The documentation in Adobe Acrobat format can be found on our systems under /app/csiapps/ansys/documentation/v11.0/ansys.

Note that the entire set of manuals is contained in the file All-v11.0-ANSYS-manuals.tar.gz.


To determine the status of the ANSYS licenses use the command ansys license .

For information on supported platforms, versions and licenses, please check the AFRL DSRC Software Page: