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TIFF Utilities


TIFF UTILITES is a small set of libraries and applications designed to read, write and manipulate TIFF images.

Available Utilities
Command Description
tiffinfo Display information about one or more TIFF files.
tiffdump Display the verbatim contents of the TIFF directory in a file (it's very useful for debugging bogus files that you may get from someone that claims they support TIFF)
tiffcp Copy, concatenate, and convert TIFF images (e.g. switching from compression=5 to compression=1)
tiff2ps Convert TIFF images to PostScript
tiffcmp Compare the contents of two TIFF files (it does not check all the directory information, but does check all the data)
tiff2bw A simple program to convert a color image to grayscale
ras2tiff A quick hack that converts Sun rasterfile format images to TIFF -- it's less than complete
rgb2ycbcr Convert an RGB, grayscale, or bilevel TIFF image to a YCbCr TIFF image; it's mainly provided for testing
gif2tiff A quick hack that converts GIF 87a format images to TIFF
ppm2tiff A quick hack that converts PPM format images to TIFF
fax2tiff Convert raw Group 3 or Group 4 facsimile data to TIFF
pal2rgb Convert a Palette-style image to a full color RGB image by applying the colormap
tiffdither Dither a b&w image into a bilevel image (suitable for use in creating fax files)
tiffsplit Create one or more single-image files from a (possibly) multi-image file
fax2ps Convert a Group 3- or Group 4- compressed TIFF to PostScript that is significantly more compressed than is generated by tiff2ps (unless tiff2ps writes PS Level II)
thumbnail Copy a bilevel TIFF to one that includes 8-bit greyscale "thumbnail images" for each page; it is provided as an example of how one might use the SubIFD tag (and the library support for it).
tiffmedian A version of Paul Heckbert's median cut program that reads an RGB TIFF image, and creates a TIFF palette file as a result; it's useful for converting full-color RGB images to 8-bit color for your friends that have cheapo 8-bit framebuffers.
sgi2tiff A program to convert SGI image files to TIFF. This program is only useful on SGI machines as it uses -limage.


tiffinfo [ OPTIONS ] input.tif ...
tiffdump [ OPTIONS ] name ...
tiffcp [ OPTIONS ] src1.tif ... srcN.tif dst.tif
tiff2ps [ OPTIONS ] input.tif ...
tiffcmp [ OPTIONS ] file1.tif file2.tif
tiff2bw [ OPTIONS ] input.tif output.tif
ras2tiff [ OPTIONS ] input.ras output.tif
rgb2ycbcr [ OPTIONS ] src1.tif src2.tif ... dst.tif
gif2tiff [ OPTIONS ] input.gif output.tif
ppm2tiff [ OPTIONS ] [ input.ppm ] output.tif
fax2tiff [ OPTIONS ] [ -o output.tif ] input.g3
pal2rgb [ OPTIONS ] input.tif output.tif
tiffdither [ OPTIONS ] input.tif output.tif
tiffsplit src.tif [ prefix ]
fax2ps [ OPTIONS ] [ file... ]
thumbnail [ OPTIONS ] input.tif output.tif
tiffmedian [ OPTIONS ] input.tif output.tif
sgi2tiff [ OPTIONS ] input.rgb output.tif


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