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NCAR Graphics is comprised of a library containing over two dozen Fortran/C utilities for drawing contours, maps, vectors, streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots, and annotations. NCAR is an ANSI/ISO standard version of GKS, with both C and FORTRAN callable entries, as well as a math library containing a collection of C and Fortran interpolators and approximators for one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional data. NCAR includes applications for displaying, editing, and manipulating graphical output map databases and hundreds of FORTRAN and C examples, demo programs, compilation scripts.


NCAR Graphics must be called with the correct programming environment loaded.

Prepare environment on Mustang:

While mustang loads both Intel and GNU compiler modules at login, the environment is setup with the Intel compilers (e.g. CC=icc). To run the version of ncl_ncarg that was compiled with the Intel compilers, one need only load the module ncl_ncarg:

module load ncl_ncarg/intel

However, if one chooses to run the GNU-compiled version of ncl_ncarg, swapping compiler environments is necessary prior to loading the ncl_ncarg module (merely unloading the intel compilers will not set the required gcc environment variables):

module swap intel-compilers gcc-compilers

module load ncl_ncarg/gnu

Usage Example:

NCAR Graphics Fortran Example will run interactively and can only be executed after having prepared the compiler environment (see above), running X, and setting DISPLAY environment variable properly.

ncargex agex01 -W x11 -clean

This will copy a program called "agex01.f" to your current directory, compile it, run it, and produce an X11 window with a graphic. (Click on this window with your left mouse button to close it.)

NOTE: More detailed usage instructions are available in the NCAR Graphics Fundamentals guide, Ch 2 "Five quick steps for creating and viewing your plot" on their website (accessible via the Vendor Documentation link below).


No license is needed to run NCAR Graphics.

For information on supported platforms, versions and licenses, please check the AFRL DSRC Software Page: