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Tcl/Tk [CSE]



Tcl is a simple scripting language for controlling and extending applications; its name stands for "tool command language." Tcl provides generic programming facilities, such as variables and loops and procedures, that are useful for a variety of applications. Furthermore, Tcl is embeddable. Its interpreter is a library of C procedures that can easily be incorporated into applications, and each application can extend the core Tcl features with additional commands for that application.

One of the most useful extensions to Tcl is Tk, which is a toolkit for the X Window System. Tk extends the core Tcl facilities with commands for building user interfaces, so that you can construct Motif-like user interfaces by writing Tcl scripts instead of C code. Like Tcl, Tk is implemented as a library of C procedures so it can be used in many different applications. Individual applications can also extend the base Tk features with new user-interface widgets and geometry managers written in C.


Use of the TCL/TK scripting language is beyond the scope of this page. For information on how to utilize this application, please refer to the TCL/TK Home Page.


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