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Tecplot 360 is CFD & Numerical Simulation Visualization Software that permits the user to analyze and explore complex datasets, arrange multiple XY, 2D and 3D plots, create animations and then communicate results with brilliant, high-quality output.

Tecplot 360 is Designed for Speed, Load on Demand, and Parallel Processing

Smarter loading of data results in faster time to first image and ability to open files that were previously not possible. Load on demand loads just the data you are actively using.

For example:
  • Temperature contour plot only loads X, Y, Z and Temperature.
  • When you switch to a new variable to contour (i.e., Pressure), Tecplot loads Pressure and unloads Temperature if needed (assuming it is not being used for anything else).
  • With previous versions, all data needed to be loaded into available memory.

With Tecplot 360 intensive computing operations are spread across all available CPU's leading to faster streamtraces, slices, and iso-surfaces.

Support for time-dependent solutions

Tecplot 360 loads unsteady data and displays only the first time step. Style changes applied to a given time step are propagated to the entire solution. Coupled with load on demand, time to first image is much faster. Previous versions loaded and displayed all time steps which impacted performance.

Visualization Tools to Get the Most from your Data

New Plotting Tools

  • Multiple iso-surface groups - assign and control up to 4 iso-surfaces
  • Multiple slice groups - assign and control up to 4 sets of cut planes
  • Multiple color maps - assign and use up to 4 different color maps
  • Stream trace seeding plane - quickly seed streamtraces with the new seeding tool
  • Surface streamtraces on a no-slip wall - generate streamtraces on a zero-velocity wall
  • Edge plots - detect and draw creases based on user-defined angle
  • Opt-in value blanking - selectively value blank per zone

CFD Analysis Tools

CFD Analyzer has been rolled into Tecplot 360 and is no longer a separate product. Save time finding, extracting and processing the critical information in results with the CFD analysis options. Analysis tools help users examine grid quality, perform spatial integrations, generate particle trajectories, extract flow features, and estimate numerical errors.

  • Calculate grid quantities such as aspect ratios, skewness, orthogonality, and stretch factors.
  • Calculate pressure coefficient, vorticity magnitude, and other flow field functions.
  • Detect and extract shock surfaces, vortex cores, as well as separation and reattachment lines.
  • Integrate mass and momentum flow rates to verify convergence.
  • Integrate particle paths in time and space. Particles may be mass-less, or you can give them mass and size and let drag, gravity, and buoyancy influence their trajectories.
  • Estimate the order of accuracy of your numerical solutions with Richardson extrapolation analysis.

Structural analysis visualization tools

Perform basic structural analysis post processing in Tecplot 360 with the expanded data loaders and plot options. In addition, load structural analysis and CFD solutions together same time for fluid structure interaction (FSI) visualization, enabling you to see the material deformation and fluid flow changes in one plot.

New/Enhanced Data Loaders

  • PLOT3D - read boundary and name files
  • CGNS - read and apply PartID information, import without interpolation, time aware
  • EnSight - Load EnSight 6 and EnSight Gold files

FEA Loaders:

  • ANSYS input (CDWRITE) file
  • ANSYS .rst, .rth and .rfl results files
  • FIDAP Neutral file
  • ABAQUS input file
  • ABAQUS .fil data file
  • ABAQUS .odb output data base (Windows)
  • LSTC/DYNA input file
  • LSTC/DYNA Taurus state databases
  • MSC/NASTRAN bulk data input file
  • MSC/NASTRAN OUTPUT2 output file
  • MSC/Patran neutral files
  • PTC/Mechanical design study
  • SDRC/IDEAS universal file
  • 3D Systems/STL ASCII text and binary file




For information on supported platforms, versions and licenses, please check the AFRL DSRC Software Page:


Tecplot manuals (in PDF format) are located at: /app/tecplot/documentation